Sunday, February 26, 2012

New me

So on Monday i had my partial hysterectomy. It went good. When i went in i had the pelvic and back pain and when i came out i felt great minus the discomfort of just having surgery. I mean it is amazing the difference... i am so happy i had this done and since the surgery i have felt better each and every day. The gas pains have been a lil painful but that was only the first and second day. Otherwise the pain from being cut felt like nothing to me ... i guess being in pain for over 2 years and having surgery to fix it does make a difference. I have also not taken my paxil in a week. For one the toradal i am on for swelling and gas cramps states i shouldnt take muscle relaxers or paxil while on it. So those two meds i havent taken. And I have felt great surprisingly ... ya i have had some moodyness but i think that is from having surgery and what not but otherwise i think with the main pain gone it has really changed my mood and feeling 100%... i just thank god that i was able to do this and this was the outcome of it. it is great... i feel wonderful and so blessed that i can finally enjoy life again without the pain.

Monday, February 6, 2012

shephard's pie

Shephard's pie
1 lb ground beef 

2 to 3 oxo boullion beef cubes or just beef boullion cubes

4 good size potatoes



1/2 teaspoon of garlic


Make sure meat is thawed and put it in good size pot .. tear it apart and add water to cover up the meat. then crumble the 2 to 3 boullion cubes. Add 1/2 tsp of pepper. Let this come to a boil then cut back to mid low temp with lid slightly cracked. Let this cook for a cook 5 to 6 hours. After it is done stewing then let it cool. After it has cooled put in fridge over nite. The next day bring out pot and clean off the solid fat on top of the meat. If need be add some more liquid to the meat and warm it up. What you want to do next is make mashed potatoes. Add butter, garlic, and milk. Put meat in bottom of glass dish make sure you drain off almost all the liquid you will use this to make a gravy. Then add the mashed potatoes on top. Put in oven at 325 until potatoes on top become a nice light golden crust. Take the liquid and bring it to a boil and then turn down heat as you add a mixture of cornstarch and water to thicken up the gravy to your desired taste. This is an awesome dish. Done by my mom for years!!

Cancer sucks part 12

So my dad started treatment last week on thursday.. as of today he has had three treatments and he is doing pretty good. The session is only 20 mins long. he will have to do these treatments for 30 days and then i guess they will redo all the xrays and see if more treatments are necessary. this is all i have for now. Will post if anything comes up new. thanks again for all the prayers.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Team M auction

Starting Feb 11th .. Team M will be auctioning off items to raise money for SIDS research. I am donating some items this year and if anyone that reads this blog has any items pls donate if you can. All the money raised goes to an excellant cause. SIDS is unexplainable and no one knows what causes SIDS... we need to help fund this research so we can stop this from happening to anyones child. Here is a blog post from Another Day Stronger which has the link to their fb page. It also has the email listed to sign up to participate in this auction. Hope everyone has a great day and ty!

We need your help!

SIDS. UGH. I hate typing that word. They should really call it, "We have no clue why your baby died"...or that's how I feel.

It hurts knowing that no one REALLY knows why SIDS happens. Yes, there are some theories. But, none of them have been proven correct yet.

Being told ..."She just stopped breathing...", "We really aren't sure what happened.." really rubs me the wrong way.

As a mom all we want to do is help our children. But, as of now I can't do that. We don't know what causes SIDS. So all I can do is worry that Jackson will not be taken from us to.

Some girlfriends and I are trying to raise money for SIDS research. We did this last year and we had OVER 200 items up for auction. This year we only have 25. PLEASE is you have anything you are willing to donate to our auction for SIDS research can you please e-mail us at:

teammdonations at gmail dot com

No donation is to small. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my very broken heart.

Here is our facebook page please go like it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

2 weeks

So it is now feb.. wow where did january go ?? Of course down here in the south we havent had much of a winter at all.. we keep bouncing back and forth with temps.. and having rain with tornados back earlier this month.. ya tornados in jan?? right now i am fighting a sinus infection with ear infection.. gotta get cleared up before surgery on the 20th so got my dr to call me in some antibotics if there is anything that i can take. So 2 weeks.... in two weeks i will be having surgery .. it will be a partial hysterectomy and depending on what they see .. maybe more to do ... i am hoping this will solve the pain problems and that maybe they can see why i am having the issues with cysts on my ovaries. So here is hoping!! Will update on this when I have more info or blog about it after the surgery. Hope everyone is having a great day.. even though im under the weather and it is freezing outside today after temps in the 70's... i am bound and determined to have a good day.