Thursday, December 29, 2011

So... another year has gone

Another year has gone almost... we are now nearing the last two days of december.. it seems like yesterday it was january.. i remember saying to my mother in law.. all i want for chrismas is for lora n justin to have a baby.. we had already started giving presents for the baby.. after they got the go ahead for the waiting game.. i guess none of us figured it would happen so quickly.. but god knew ... april 23rd miss zoe grace was born and she has stolen all of our hearts.. her smile melts our hearts each time she smiles.. she really seems like the most perfect angel perfectly hand picked for lora n justin... so i guess that is why this year maybe christmas didnt seem like christmas.. well it did but i was already fulfilled with my wish of what i wanted for them... it was great to have everyone one with a family all together enjoying the holidays... i think zoe has been the ray in the light with my dads cancer.. i surprisingly have coped fairly well with everything since it has brought up the memories of my mother being on chemo... seeing my dad bald was different.. of course he was the same dad but you know it is something that happens suddenly.. and then everyone has always said my dad never looks his age.. always saying he is 20 yrs younger then what he is .. yet it seems now he has lost 10 yrs and only looks 70 not 80... i hate to see that happen... but tis is life.. god has blessed us very much and has provided and guided us thru all the struggles and happiness this year.. and i am thankful for this year .. even if it has flown by very very fast.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at lele's and poppie's

So i am dividing up the christmas post into 4 different posts so i can include alot of pics from christmas. our first christmas get together was on christmas adam at lele and poppie's house. We had alot of fun all together. Nathan was sick unfortunatly so he didnt stay all nite like the rest of us. We had alot of fun watching the kiddos make reindeer cookies. Here is some pics of the fun...

They all had a blast doing this and got a good sugar high licking their fingers of the chocolate. The rest of the nite we just chilled and relaxed until uncle justin got there and then we opened up the presents. The kids all loved their gifts. Ava and Greta both got a trunk full of dress up stuff. And hunter got a new joker cave to go with his bat cave he has now. Sam got some cute cowboy boots too. The kiddos really got into opening gifts this year it was fun watching them just rip into the gifts instead of prompting them and helping them along the way. Cant wait till next year when miss zoe grace will be jumping right in with the rest of them. This year she just got to sit back and watch but man she sure was doing her best to rip into the gifts also. I think it was finally 2 am when we all went to bed. Then we all got up the next morning and ate a wonderful breakfast together before the next round of festivities began. It was a great time and we all had alot of fun.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Alright... i am so excited!!!!! my uncle will be arriving at the airport in 6 hrs !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my mom's twin brother and yesterday was their birthday.... i am so happy he is coming for three weeks to visit me and my dad... hunter is excited to go to the airport this evening to pick up unkie... even ava is saying unkie too!!! So now i have voiced it i can wait to post on fb about it lol... nice thing about having a blog no one really reads hehehe so the drama doesnt start... yet lol... love my family but ya we all have it ... anywho... so let the countdown to 5pm begin!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

miss ava

Ava is now 25 months old... i cant believe it that it has been 2 yrs already. Ava is learning so much .. she just started Early Arts this year and loves going to school alot. She just recently last week stopped using the pacy and also has over the last month potty in the big potty!!! She is into everything on a daily basis... i believe if she could she would crawl back inside of me lol. Here are some pics of my lil princess. 
 me and ava chilling one nite at midnite... she woke up and i decided to watch a movie and eat some popcorn with her. 
 Ava on thanksgiving day playing with a christmas ornament on the counter.
 kinda blurry ... but ava showing off her hello kitty shirt she got for her bday from aunt jessie
Ava modeling her nails that were just painted... As i am writing this ava is looking at her pics saying aba ... it is how hunter for a long time said her name.. he just recently started saying it right... Also ava has made a name for hunter since she cant really say it yet... she calls him abbott his middle name... Ava is saying alot of words and definitly voices her opinion all the time.

ava,cassidy,savannah and mckenna modeling

Today i am gonna share some pics i have of my daughter ava and one of my friends daughter cassidy modeling the tutus i have made. There is also a pic of two lil girls i made tutus for they are Savannah and Mckenna. I will post a blog later on with more pics of the stuff i have made for other ppl. At the moment i have lots of orders for tutus and trying to get them all done before christmas arrives. Here are the pics let me know what yall think.....

 This is miss cassidy... isnt she a cutie.. she is modeling her christmas tutu and matching bow!!!

Ava wasnt a real happy camper for the camera .. this is a pink and orange tutu i made.
And this is Savannah and Mckenna modeling two of the tutus i made for them.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cancer sucks part 10

So it has been a lil bit since my last post and alot has happened. Last sunday i dropped the kiddos off at lou and macs and they got picked up later on by lele and poppie to go on a fun vacation to gatlinburg. The kids had a great time from what i was told. They went to the aquarium which hunter and ava both loved alot especially the sharks. They were able to have a fun week while i was busy with my dad at uab. So early monday morning we left for uab and arrived about 430am ... which ended up really sucking since they had a prior surgery that was having some  longer then expected surgery time and my father didnt get in till 2pm. Only reason why i say it sucks is not having or being able to eat or drink after midnite and waiting that long sucks big one. Anyways.... they started surgery at 3pm and about 430pm he went into recovery. At first i got confused with what they had actually done but they dr visited the room around 8pm and we found out about the surgery. They went in with the intentions of removing the upper right lobe which is where the cancer is. When they got in they started to have some problems with rerouting the airways and it was going to have to be a whole lung removal to remove the cancer. Luckily they got good results on the biospies of the tumor and THE CANCER IS DEAD!!!! So in the end run nothing was removed. My dad is recovering good. Tuesday was a ruff day for him.. he had a really bad problem with dry mouth and then everytime he tried to stand he was getting dizzy. By wednesday he was feeling much better and started eating more... he walked one and a half loops. Thursday was much better and he managed to walk 2 times and also it helped that by then all the tubes were removed. So we are now recovering and waiting for the post op meeting on jan 5th to find out how many if any more treatments we have to do since apparently there is no more cancer. I am so happy that the chemo worked and did its job. Thank you everyone for the prayers they have definitly helped alot. I will update again about the post op meeting in January.