Sunday, February 26, 2012

New me

So on Monday i had my partial hysterectomy. It went good. When i went in i had the pelvic and back pain and when i came out i felt great minus the discomfort of just having surgery. I mean it is amazing the difference... i am so happy i had this done and since the surgery i have felt better each and every day. The gas pains have been a lil painful but that was only the first and second day. Otherwise the pain from being cut felt like nothing to me ... i guess being in pain for over 2 years and having surgery to fix it does make a difference. I have also not taken my paxil in a week. For one the toradal i am on for swelling and gas cramps states i shouldnt take muscle relaxers or paxil while on it. So those two meds i havent taken. And I have felt great surprisingly ... ya i have had some moodyness but i think that is from having surgery and what not but otherwise i think with the main pain gone it has really changed my mood and feeling 100%... i just thank god that i was able to do this and this was the outcome of it. it is great... i feel wonderful and so blessed that i can finally enjoy life again without the pain.

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