Monday, September 19, 2011

day 3 of quitting smoking

Short bog cuz I am needing to get stuff done and plus getting a headache ( lack of nicotine prolly ). Well on Friday I bought my last pack of cigs. It lasted  all weekend till last night. Which I thought was really good cuz it lasted between two .. yes TWO ppl. My husband and I are both trying to quit. Of course today he is having a slightly harder time then me since he is at work with guys that smoke. But hopefully once we cross out a week we will be fully on our way to no more smoking. We got the lozengers which are ok. I dont care for it much due to the slightly burning sensation it gives off while ur having to not suck but let it dissolve on each side of ur cheeks (swapping sides) also u cant swallow the salvia (i just spit LOL) cuz of the stuff in it. Yesterday I used two and so far today I havent used any. I am hoping this time I can fully quit and never start back. I should have stayed quit after my first pregnancy and even after I had ava but I guess I wasnt strong enough yet to say no to the cigeret. But this time I am working hard to quit and stay quit. Well off to do stuff round the house. Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, September 16, 2011


So lets see ... where do I start... well I guess at the beginning is better.. this is my venting since I really dont have much traffic to this blog unless i advertise it on fb so this is a better time then any to post my thoughts of the past week. Well I had to have a CT scan on my pelvic area.. I have been having some pain and other issues so the doctor decided to do this first. The scan turned out showing nothing was wrong so we did an ultrasound the following week to see what else we could see. Still nothing major or serious but no answer to the pain other then possible scar tissue issues from previous hernia operation. Which in all was my thought all along.. especially after having my tubes tied and finding out how bad the scar tissue was and how it had already covered up part of my left fallopian tube. The only problem was that came out of the CT scan was that a small portion of my lung showed up on the scan and it warranted a CT scan on my lungs. Well found that result out tonite. I have a 6mm non calcified (scar tissue)?? This was not the news I was hoping for at all. What a way to go into your last days as 29 and begin your year of 30. Especially with the fact my father is fighting lung cancer at this time. Of course I have no one to blame but myself for the shape my lungs are in. I can breathe perfectly fine , dont cough up anything but I am a smoker. So ya it is my fault for this to come up. I guess I just wasnt prepared for this to happen at the age I am at now. I figured I would be much older when I would start having issues. So... now I have to have a follow up CT in 6 months to check the progress of the spot... but I am gonna take some advice and even the dr stated due to the fact of being a smoker and my dad's problem atm I should go see a lung pulmonologist. So I guess we will see from here. I am trying not to freak out and just think positive. I of course read online about non calcified spots in lungs and it did say these are the ones that can become malignent ( not what i wanted to read) but that it just depends on how it grows ( reason why follow up CTs have to be done). So .. I go from here... fixing to be 30 and I might have to stare cancer in the face for myself .. or in the future from my mistakes .. my stupid choices... I just hope and pray that my children never smoke. Now if any family reads this and i havent talked to you .. pls just call me or msg me on fb instead of bothering my father.. He has enough on his plate then to be answering questions about me. So ask me ... if no one reads this then guess what you will know when i tell you.. Until i see the lung dr i felt that i could just type it here in virtual space to just say it to say it ... i have had so many responses today some i figured and some that made me think wow this is what you think interesting.. but i dunno.. i am just kinda numb atm and just trying to wrap my head around what lies ahead or not.. after this weekend though i am just gonna go with it.. cause there is nothing i can do to change what has happened so now i must go with the flow and see where god takes me. so having said what i wanted to say tonite i will say goodnite

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A day with Hunter

So today was mine and Hunter's day together. Last month I had signed him up for the Thrilling Three's class at Lucy's Artys Place. This morning Hunter had his first painting class. It was really fun and exciting to watch him concentrate so hard on painting. The painting was really easy. There were only two kids total. Which surprised me I would have thought there would have been more. But Hunter had a great time anyways with a lil girl named Lilly. So here are a few pics of what he did.  

As you can see it was just 4 squares  that they could color in with whatever color they wanted. Of course I figured blue and green would be Hunter's picks of his first two colors. The boy is definitly my child. Blue and green were my favorite colors as a kid. It will be interesting to find out what Ava's favorite colors are as she gets older and can start voicing her own opinions. 
It took a fews times to tell him to actually pick up the brush and paint back in forth. I'm sure in his mind he was thinking my mommy thinks i dont know how to color LOL. But I am very proud of my lil man. He did such a good job and was very independent on how he wanted his picture to turn out as. After they got all the squares colored in Lucy told the kids that they could add any design they wanted to add in the squares with the colors they had used already. Hunter was on a mission from then on out. He knew exactly what he wanted to do in each of his squares. Even though to us adults it looks like chicken scratch, Hunter told me what each thing he was drawing was. 

In the corner with the blue background ( yes i know it is auburn colors, for some reason no matter how hard u dont try to combine them they seem to always show up together in a color scheme LOL) anyways lol it was a smiley face first then hunter drew a hat and then he colored in the face. My thoughts were it is frankenstein hehehe... The green background is just some shapes as Hunter said... The orange background has green worms.. and the red background has what i thought was a bunny but hunter says the small area that isnt colored in with blue is its teeth hehe.. Such an imagination he has already. Hunter is very proud of his art work.. Daddy and Ava both loved it also. When we got home I asked him where he wanted to hang it .. after alot of thought and consideration he decided it should go in our bedroom right by my side of the bed. 

I think it is beautiful. I always love looking at the drawings Hunter makes up on his own. I have always wonder what type of things go thru his head on a daily basis and it is always fun to see his ideas and thoughts drawn out when he has an idea in his head. I am hoping to get him back in again next month when they have another day set up for the three year olds. And definitly next year I will get ava to make some paintings of her own. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Crib Bumper Ban in Chicago

Chicago has BANNED crib bumpers!!!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's City Council approved an ordinance Thursday to ban the sale of crib bumper pads in Chicago.
Ald. James Balcer (11th) and Ald. George Cardenas (12th) sponsored the ordinance, which also passed a City Council panel this week.
"If we can help save a baby's life, it's so important," Balcer said. "If you listen to the testimony, there are folks who have lost their newborn children. ... We as a city council have to take that responsibility, and if it's endangering the lives of constituents, you have to do something."
Crib bumper pads, designed to protect infants from a crib's wooden slats, have come under fire for the dangers of suffocating infants.
Balcer said it's the job of the Council as a legislative body to protect people, but some members criticized the proposed ordinance, saying it's the parents' job to choose what's right for their children.
Cardenas said the potential danger of the bumpers was reason enough to bring it to a vote.
"We still have a responsibility at the end of the day," Cardenas said. "We're not regulators, but we feel it's our responsibility to let parents know that it's an issue, and in the city, we're going to take action."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cancer Sucks part 2

So I havent posted anything on my dad since my first blog. Today was his fifth treatment and I am happy to say that so far he isnt having any really bad side effects. He has had no naseau what so ever. Now he is losing his hair it started after the third treatment. After we got back from the district meeting in Mobile my dad decided that it was time to shave his head. So I did in front of the kiddos so they wouldnt freak out seeing my dad with no hair. It actually suits him very well. And Hunter loves it. He keeps saying he wants his hair cut like his Peepops. All of my dads counts have looked good each week. He hasnt been below average at all so far in his counts. So that is great news. On the 29th of this month he will have another CT scan to see if there is any shrinking of the tumor. I pray that it is gone even though i know that is asking too much. But at least hope there is some shrinking happening with the tumor. The only minor set back he has had is that now he is on cumadin. He had a small clot form in his sub veins in his arm. It wasnt life threatening at all but they wanted him to go ahead and get on the thinner just in case. He has been on it for a week now and it looks like he may have to be on  it for a lil longer. Hopefully this will be short lived. So that is the update. I am glad it isnt much since everything is going good. After the 29th I will post again on what the newest update is. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well this weekend was great. We had our friend renee come down from Minnesota with her mom and her two kids. The above pic is of ava and makayla enjoying an icie together. We were a pitstop on their way to South Carolina to see her oldest son Curtis graduate from bootcamp. Unfortunatly we didnt get to do much of anything since it rained the whole time they were here due to Tropical storm Lee. But it was great visiting with them. Ava had a ball with Wyatt and Makayla. Renee's kids are awesome . Nathan met his match in wrestling. Wyatt kicked his butt since Nathan didnt want to get too ruff with him LOL. But we all had a great time and enjoyed the visit. We are definitly going to have to make sure to go up and visit with them very soon and meet everyone else. While Renee was here I made Makayla a tutu and an awesome hair bow. I didnt get a pic of the bow ( it was a cute halloween one) but i did get a pic of the tutu. Makayla wouldnt model it for me since she has been not feeling well due to cutting her teeth but here is a pic of it . I totally love the colors. 

Hunter had a great weekend to himself also. He hung out with his Lele and Poppie most of the weekend.
Today was also a busy day other then our weekend . Ava and Hunter started back school today. Ava did awesome on her first day, she didnt even cry when i dropped her off. I guess it is because she knew that her brother would be there and she wanted to be big like him. Hunter had a great day also. He now goes three times a week. Cant believe in two years he will start kindergarden. They do grow up too fast. 
So I have gotten back on my kick of making bows. I am excited this time about doing it. I have actually already had 2 sales from my bows and working on an order atm. My sister in law talked me into making a page for my bows. Here is the link if you want to check it out.
Here is some pics also of my latest bows i have made. 

This was the Halloween bow I made for my 26 likes drawing for my page. My son picked out the ribbon and the spider part for the bow. 

This one is one of my fav. It has already sold too was one of my first sales. I love the sparkly ladybug piece on the bow.
If you get a chance like my page. I really dont keep up on who reads my blog or not I just liked to blog once in and while and share things that are going on in my life and also it is a good venting area when you need to vent. I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend. I am now going to work on my page for my bows. I already got to work on an idea for a stand at my inlaws portrait studio. They have asked me to make some bows up and set them up for sale at the studio, which means more plain bows then design fabric but that is fine with me. Laterz everyone.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I am doing something for a fellow blogger

Today is Kellie Staats birthday... So I want to wish her a Happy Birthday and this is your present to you liked you asked. All Kellie wanted for her birthday today was for fellow bloggers to talk about her daughter Maddie since she cant have her here like she really wants to. I have blogged some things before talking about the Staats family and the loss of their daughter. Maddie is the baby girl angel that has informed me more about SIDS and the reason for my last two blogs to help inform people of SIDS. Maddie left this earth on February 17, 2011 and became Kellie and James guardian angel. Us mom's never think about losing our kids. It is our worst fear and we just try to bury it as far back as we can. But when it does happen parents around bond together to give support to the family during their time of need. The Staats has gained a circle of friends thru their blog and Kellie also now makes bows and has her own page on fb Maddie's Mom Made That. I do not has any pics of Maddie but I do have the link for their blog and wish that anyone that reads this will go over and read their story. Happy Birthday to you Kellie!! I pray for your family all the time and pray that you will be blessed beyond measure in your life ahead.