Friday, February 3, 2012

2 weeks

So it is now feb.. wow where did january go ?? Of course down here in the south we havent had much of a winter at all.. we keep bouncing back and forth with temps.. and having rain with tornados back earlier this month.. ya tornados in jan?? right now i am fighting a sinus infection with ear infection.. gotta get cleared up before surgery on the 20th so got my dr to call me in some antibotics if there is anything that i can take. So 2 weeks.... in two weeks i will be having surgery .. it will be a partial hysterectomy and depending on what they see .. maybe more to do ... i am hoping this will solve the pain problems and that maybe they can see why i am having the issues with cysts on my ovaries. So here is hoping!! Will update on this when I have more info or blog about it after the surgery. Hope everyone is having a great day.. even though im under the weather and it is freezing outside today after temps in the 70's... i am bound and determined to have a good day.

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