Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago

One year ago everyone's lives in alabama was changed... I remember the day like yesterday.. we had been told all week to be prepared for bad weather but we never thought it was going to be like it was... i remember waking up at 4am to the tornado warnings... luckily it was north of us ... then at 9am we went back under another tornado warning .. at that time in the shoals we had a funnel cloud over our town.. it caused trees to fall down and alot of small damaged happened in our area... i remember all of a sudden grabbing my kids and huddling in the corner of our house and the house was shaking ... mins later my friend crystal called me crying and panicking .. she said trees were down everywhere 5 mins down the road from my house and that she couldnt get to her house .. she and her two kids came over ... i was calling nathan who at that time was at the ferry working letting him know we were ok and begging him to hurry home when there was a break in the storms.. lil did we know we were in for much worse... nathan got home around 1pm ... me, him, crystal, and the four kids were steadily watching the weather .. around 230 we went under a tornado warning again.. we again huddled in the corner ( to let you know we have NO SAFE spot in our house really ... i remember nathan going outside to look around and all of a sudden it got really dark .. hunter asked me why it was nite time during the day and i suggested we sing songs.. the house started shaking a lil again and i looked around the corner to see nathan saying take cover.. lil did we know at that moment a funnel cloud was over our house trying to touch down.. moments later the darkness lifted but many were not safe... an ef5 tornado had touched down in hackleburg and lvled the town .. it then moved onto phil campbell and destroyed half of that town... as that tornado was going into lawrence county we were watching a tornado (another ef5) on the tv hitting cullman county , when all of a sudden they said another tornado was on the ground in tusculoosa (ef4 which hit birmingham also).. as we were listening nathan said you got to call your dad now.. i called my father and screamed at him to take cover now ... i remembering hanging up with him worried sick and scared not knowing what was going to happen... the ef5 tornado that hit hackleburg and phil campbell tore thru lawrence county and destroyed many of my friends homes .. it came within less then a quarter mile of my fathers house and if he wasnt taking cover he could have watched it from his front porch go across the field in front of his house... shortly after 4 our power went off and we didnt know who was safe and who wasnt... i finally got ahold of my father and found out he was safe.. i told him about where it had hit .. after it left lawrence county the tornado continued on to tanner and then madison county.. this one tornado tracked for over 120 miles ... it left many ppl without power for weeks due to it tearing up the major power lines belonging to the ferry.. nathan and many others rushed to the ferry that nite to work on getting generators hooked up to keep the stacks cool since there was no power at all... the next day me and my kids went to take clothes and help my dad get his food to our house so it wouldnt get bad.. i drove down the road and i was in tears immediatly..everything was gone.. Hunter just kept saying mommy what happened .. so i explained to a 3 yr old the best i could... we both cried and cried .. i took some pics which i will share but at one point i just couldnt take anymore because so much had been destroyed... In total that day we lost over 200 lives from the tornado outbreak... please remember these families as they are still recovering today from these storms.. here is a video of the damage in lawrence county and some pics i took 
 this is the field in front of my dads house where the tornado tracked through
 this used to be sunny's bbq .. it is completely gone and still is =(

Here is also a video i took myself of the damage pls excuse the jumping around i was driving at the time i believe this is on 157 going towards moulton as it crossed the hwy going towards langtown
And here is a video of when the tornado first started and the damage in hackleburg 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


So it has been busy since i had my surgery... I am doing really good from the surgery still no pain.. i got released on april 3rd so now i am back to doing normal things yay lol. I did have a problem 2 weeks after surgery where the antibotics during surgery killed too much bacteria in my colon .. so i had to be on meds for that .. and then 2 weeks later i got the dreaded stomach virus not once but twice!!! So now i am much better after that ... I have been busy working on my lil business... I have my first craft show this weekend and I am totally excited about it... I will take lots of pics and post a blog about it later on in the week. So I have been busy working on orders and getting stuff done for the craft show and i feel like i am very behind. So it seems i will have some late nites in my future this week. Another thing that is happening is my husband is prolly going to get laid off. ... the job he was on has finished and i am very thankful that he had a job this long... two years is a good time to be at one place in the electrician trade. So we are looking at all our options. He can now travel since he is a journeyman so that is one thing we are looking at and also he is trying to get a permanent position at a company ... so it is whatever god wants us to do .. we shall see. I am also starting to look for a job ... i am going to look openly everywhere and see what i can find.. so i dont know what will happen with my lil business it may get put on hold for a bit .. i dunno .. that is something i will see .. only god knows ... i have learned over the years to just go with it ... god will work it out some how and he does... i am so thankful now for the year we lived off of unemployment .. it taught us a lot of things .. yes it was hard and i sometimes thought we wouldnt make it but here we are today... so anything is possibly .. just gotta have faith... well i cant think of anything else to update on except miss zoe grace will be a year old tomorrow .. we will be having her bday party tonite... i am so thankful god put her in lora and justins life... i cant believe it is a year already that she has come into the family ... so this party is more then just a birthday but a big celebration... so i hope everyone has a good week and i hope to post some more stuff this week .

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cancer sucks part 13

Sorry I havent posted an update lately .. been really busy... My dad is supposed to have a PET scan in two weeks I believe... he has finished his radiation four weeks ago. He has been really tired lately.. I am a lil worried cause he seems to not be eating enough and losing some weight. I keep telling him five small meals .. just a snack nothing too big but he is so stubborn and just doesnt listen. He still also has the tickle in his throat and also now he says if he takes too big of a bite it seems to hang up in his throat so now he takes even smaller bites while eating. This doesnt comfort me any either. I am trying to think positive. I am just waiting for the scan to happen. He also had to take a series of B12 shots and his iron has been low too. But otherwise he is doing good. My dad is still active and doing things so that is great. Will update when we have results from the PET scan. Thanks again for all the prays.