Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And it keeps raining LOL

So it just keeps raining i guess the saying goes lol... You know when one thing happens and then it just keeps going until finally it stops. I guess it started with my ruff weekend and at first it was just busy. We have family pics on Sunday which is also my son's 4th birthday too. So Monday wasnt too terribly bad other then some bad news on a job for Nathan. He was hoping to get on the I&C shop but it seems like he may not get that interview. Which we are fine with it just isnt where God wants us to be atm. That day went ok other then that. Kids had their pictures made together and finished up Ava's two year session. And I was able to go and get a massage from a friend. But the next day changed into a busy day after a somewhat busy monday nite lol. So on Tuesday I was running all over town trying to find a brown shirt for me and the hubby to wear for pictures. I literally went to every store and didnt find anything that I liked for me. Was lucky and found something right off the bat for my husband. So I ended up giving up and picking the kids up from school. Just to have ava not feeling well, I think she is teething. Then we had to go to the studio for the kiddos to try on clothes for the pictures ( with ava in a bad mood). Of course that day was stressful cause I was waiting for my dad to call and let me know what the lung surgeons plans were. ( that will be talked about in another post). Anyways that day ended and I thought wednesday for sure some rest would come. Well this morning I had to get together their art order for school. And it went from there ... to a 3 hr round trip in the car with two kiddos.. they did better then I thought but man I was so happy when I got home. We went from their school dropping off the order.. to my dad's to unload some stuff from his car.. to decatur to pick up their birthday shirts I ordered for them and then we also picked up these cups I ordered months ago. So that round trip tired all of us out. So I thought when I got home surely tomorrow will be a good day to rest. Well at 2pm my dad called.... the fuel pump went out in his car ( which thank God it didnt happen when he was in Lousiana this past weekend driving by himself). So the hubby gladly picked my dad up and now tomorrow i am having to take him to his chemo treatment. So another long day on the road LOL... maybe friday will be a day of rest???  I havent had a week this busy with driving around in forever and man does it tire you out. So now that i vented about my busy week so far I am gonna head to bed... gotta get up early early to get kids taken care of for school and dropped off and the long drive to get my dad... ya you get the picture hehe... so hope everyone has a great day tomorrow... will blog later about the new update on my dads cancer... goodnite

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ruff weekend

So this weekend was a ruff weekend.... I finally had my obgyn appointment on friday to see why I am having pelvic pain .. the dr decided to put me on an antibotic for two weeks and i am supposed to go back on the 4th for an ultrasound. I was also supposed to have my mammogram but when i got there they were worried my insurance wouldnt pay since I am only 30 so we didnt do it. Come to find out my insurance doesnt care and will cover it so when i go on the 4th to see my obgyn i will get the mammogram done that day also. Well I started the antibotics on friday and had no hiccups ( i am allergic to almost all antibotics lol). Well it was short lived I took my dose Saturday morning and within an hour I was in the bathroom vomiting nonstop, having sweats and then chills. Finally after an hour of this my husband took me to the er. Found out I was having an allergic reaction to the med. So I got fluids and zofran and phenogren in an iv. Finally I was able to go home but still had the nasea feeling well into this morning and the stomach cramps. I think I slept for over 16 hrs cuz as soon as I got home i just crawled straight into the bed and didnt emerge until 9 am this morning. My husband and kids were wonderful during this time. Hunter stayed in the room with me petting my head asking if I was feeling better each time i woke up. Ava watched football with Nathan and was a very sweet girl. Our friend Jacob was awesome he was the one who came over and watched the kids while we went to the er. And then that evening my inlaws picked up the kiddos and they wont be back till late tonite. I am so thankful for everyone that helped out yesterday. It was aweful, I think that was the worst I had ever felt in my entire life and I do not want to have to go thru that again. So tomorrow I get to call my dr and let him know what happened. Reason why he wanted to try antibotics is that he thought i had an infection around my uterus causing my pain so now I dont know what we will do since I can not take any type of penicillin drug ( i turn pink and swell on it). Hoping here soon we find out what is causing my pain. I am thinking more then likely surgery will be in the future which since I already had my tubes tied I am really not worried about having everything taken out. So we shall see what the dr says we may just wait till my next appointment and talk options on surgery after the scan is done. Well gonna go back and lay down and rest up before the kiddos get home. Hope everyone is having a better weekend then what I have had.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cancer Sucks part 5

So the newest news is that my father will have a break in treatments. The oncologist decided that since they are unable to do radiation treatment until my father speaks with the surgeon that it would be best. He said had the radiation treatment been a go the next few weeks it would have been a reduced amount of chemo. So my father has a week off and then he has 3 more treatments for the 4th round. So we are now just waiting to speak to the surgeon. My father has to have another pet scan and also another lung capacity test before he meets with them. Otherwise my father is doing good. All his counts have remain pretty much the same. He still hasnt had any naseua .. so we are just trucking along. In my next update I should have news from the surgeon. So until then everyone have a great weekend.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Painting with Hunter... Silly Pumpkins

Today Hunter went and painted silly pumpkins at Lucy's artsy place. He had so much fun last month that I made sure I signed him up again. We were the only kid there, so a big thankyou to Lucy still having the thrilling 3's .. luckily Hunter will be four by next month so if she doesnt do the 3's anymore he can show up on the wednesday night one for the 4,5,6 yr olds. Hunter was really excited all week about painting and the excitement didnt slow down today. He chose his colors and really did great expressing himself and doing the painting on his own. He chose the colors of orange, yellow, and green for his pumpkins. He also made the stem and leaf green. He chose to make the funny faces in blue which i think was really cute and brought out the picture. And he painted the background chocolate as he calls it with red circles that when we outlined everything looks like neat swirls. Here are some pics from his painting day. 

Hunter is also doing very excellant on staying in the lines for the most part. I almost thought he would have just painted everything one color but he actually did a great job for his age on really working on this picture.

He also loves using the blowdryer. He was just a shaking away at it. The next pic is blurry sry but it is the only one i have with the stage of just the pumpkin colors with the background added. He was currently shaking the blue paint bottle and his head LOL to mix up the paint.

And here is my lil man with the finished product. He was so proud and is already talking about how he wants to come back and paint another one. Looks like i may have a lil artist on my hands! I really hope there is more classes like this each month. I think it is a great thing to take ur kids to and to enjoy a day with your child also. I cant wait till ava is old enough to start doing things like this. But I do enjoy having this quality time with my son watching him paint a picture.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cancer sucks part 4

So here is update number 4 on this cancer sucks series. My father went back to the dr yesterday for his 2nd treatment on this 6 treatment cycle. After his treatment he got to meet with the radiologist on what to do about radiation. Well the radiologist said that sometimes doing radiation on ur lungs can damage the tissue making surgery harder. So now on oct 25th my father has to meet with a lung surgeon in birmingham on what his opinion of radiation is and if it needs to be done or not for surgery purposes. So since this treatment plan had the radiation part scheduled for the 4th week which would be next week we dont know at this time if the whole treatments for six weeks will continue or not. The dr may say ok we will  make this into a two part session again. Which me and my father both agree that we should stay with the six week treatment whether radiation happens or not so that maybe  the tumor will shrink faster. So this thursday when my father has treatment we should hear from the oncologist on what the plan is for the moment till my father speaks with the lung surgeon on the 25th. So I dunno if this is a setback or what. I am looking at it hopefully this is the way we should go and that they will just keep giving my father the chemo for six weeks instead of breaking it up if the surgeon says no radiation. So we are on the waiting game again... fun fun .. but at least we know the cancer is shrinking atm so I am happy with that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hunter, Sam, and Greta meet the animals

A couple of Saturdays ago Lele told us about this couple who had a lil farm i guess is what you would call it. Anyways Lele and Poppy had photograph the couples daughter for her senior session and told us that they had a baby lamb that lived indoors with them and also told us about the donkeys, mini horses, and pig that they also had. So one saturday afternoon Lele, KK, greta, sam, hunter, mawmaw and me (ava was at home already napping ) went to go see the animals. The kids had a blast feeding them apples and climbing on the hay bail in the barn. Also they found a tadpole in a bucket of water and proceeded to poke it with a stick LOL. Here are some pictures of them enjoying the lil farm.  
Hunter really was a pro at feeding the baby lamb a bottle. All the kiddos got to take turns. This lamb lives indoors?!! I dunno if I could have a lamb as an indoor pet but from what I was told it wears diapers hehehe.
It was a great day and we all had lots of fun spending time with the animals. I wish ava would have been able to go but I am afraid she would have ran away from the animals since she is so finicky with alot of things lol. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cancer Sucks part 3

So here is the newest update on my father's cancer. So far he has had two sessions of chemo which have gone very good. He hasnt had any nasea at all and so far no bad side effects from the treatment. Also all of his blood counts have been in the normal range for a person that doesnt have cancer.. which i think is excellant news that his blood counts have remand in a good area. So he had a lung scan redone and we have found out that the tumors have shrunk by .2 . This is great news even though we would have liked it to have shrunk more. But this lets us know the cancer is not growing and it isnt spreading. So the new treatment plan is for my father to have chemo for a continuous six week with no break what so ever. With the first two sets of treatment he had a week and a half break in between. This time no break. He is also waiting on the radiologist to call. He has to have radiation also this time. The radiation schedule would be five days in a row so we are waiting for the call to know if this is going to be every week five days in a row or just a few times during the six weeks on a five day schedule. So confusing on that atm since we havent heard from them yet but we should hear something this week. The dr is hoping that with both the combination of chemo and radiation that the tumors will shrink faster. If they shrink small enough the dr is hoping that surgery can be done to remove the tumors. So here goes hoping and praying that with this plan the tumors will shrink even more and we can get this cancer taken care of. I just want to thank all my friends and family for all the prayers and support. It means alot to me and my dad. And all the prayers definitly have been working. Continue praying that the tumor will keep shrinking and soon this will just  be a distant memory.