Thursday, March 15, 2012

update from my surgery

So when i went back after a week from having surgery ( it has been 3 weeks now) i got my staples out and found out i had adenomyosis which is a type of endometreosis in the muscle wall of the uterus. Since having my surgery i did have some colon problems. I had an overkill of bacteria from my antibotics during surgery so I had to take some meds for a few days to get that straightened out. But since then I have felt great. I am finally getting my energy back. I have days when I still get tired easily. I really cant wait till April 3rd when I am finally released from not being able to pick up anything heavy then 10 pounds (ie a gallon of milk) .. I know my daughter will be very happy also. So that is it. I am finally pain free!!! Thank you for all the prayers.

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