Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cancer sucks part 13

Sorry I havent posted an update lately .. been really busy... My dad is supposed to have a PET scan in two weeks I believe... he has finished his radiation four weeks ago. He has been really tired lately.. I am a lil worried cause he seems to not be eating enough and losing some weight. I keep telling him five small meals .. just a snack nothing too big but he is so stubborn and just doesnt listen. He still also has the tickle in his throat and also now he says if he takes too big of a bite it seems to hang up in his throat so now he takes even smaller bites while eating. This doesnt comfort me any either. I am trying to think positive. I am just waiting for the scan to happen. He also had to take a series of B12 shots and his iron has been low too. But otherwise he is doing good. My dad is still active and doing things so that is great. Will update when we have results from the PET scan. Thanks again for all the prays.

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