Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sewing part 2 and other things

So the cutting out I was supposed to do after my last post never happened. I remembered that I had given back the fabric scissors to my mother in law so I had to wait to start another project. Today we went over to Nathan's grandparents. After the boys got their hair cut , Hunter went over to his Lele's to spend the day with them and Sam. It was so cute Sam called me this morning asking me in his sweet lil voice if hunter could come play and pick out a bunny rabbit. Of course I couldnt say no to my nephew, my son and him are best buddies. I love that. It is great to see them play and have so much fun together. While Hunter was off having fun at Lele's house. Ava, Nathan, and I went to Lou and Mac's. While Nathan helped Mac with a project I got to work cutting out a pattern for a dress. I decided to cut out a different fabric for the dress I want to make the girls for a test run. I got the bottom half of the dress done today all by myself. I was surprised at how much I remembered from the last one. So tomorrow sometime I am going over to Lele's to try and finish it up to the zipper part, then back to Lou's to get lessons on how to put a zipper in. Once I get the dress done I will post a pic. I am surprised at how much fun I am getting out of sewing. I actually am enjoying doing it plus getting to make my daughter cute clothes. Well this is a short post, I am actually very tired after today for some reason I guess it was just having so much fun hanging out with the grandparents. I love lou and mac to death. It is nice being close to both of nathans set of grandparents since mine have all past away. Hope everyone has a good nite ttyl.

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