Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So about a few weeks ago after seeing all my friends being so creative .. I decided I would start sewing again. I got my dad to bring me the three plastic boxes of fabric that was my moms. He was super happy to get rid of those to me to clear out some space. I hadnt sewn since 8th grade. In home ec we had to make an apron and my mom had helped me out with a practice one at home since we had to do the one at school only. So needless to say it had been 16 yrs since I had sat down at a sewing machine. So I picked out a pattern that my mother in law had and found some cute fabric that was supposed to be for me as a child.

After about 3 weeks ( and with some help from my wonderful mother in law) I have finally completed it except for the finishing touches of heming it to the right length and getting the elastic in the waist at the right length. Here is the finished outfit and a pic of ava modeling it too!

So one more trip to the sewing machine and it will be ready to wear. My next project is making matching dresses for Ava and Greta. I am actually going to try and get them set and cut out tonite so maybe when I finish the heming and waist I can start on one of the two dresses for the girls. I am really excited about making Ava some outfits. And I have so much fabric atm all I will have to look for is patterns to make some dresses for her.

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