Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bows bows and more bows

So I guess my husband is officially happy. I have a hobby LOL.. other than playing world of warcraft... In fact the last 48 hrs I havent really logged into my game except to do a guild invite and that is odd of me not to log in for a few mins a day. I know and yes I am addicted to the game it is fun and I am sure there are many ppl out there that are addicted to different video games. Anyways... So after I got over my 2 week sinus infection I was really hoping to finish up the outfit I began to make Ava but instead I got the bright idea to learn how to make bows. The first bows I did were pretty plain jane .. just needle and thread and ribbon but I think they are pretty cute still. Here are a few of the plain ones I made.

I really liked the one with the poka dots... it reminded me of easter colors so pretty. I then looked up some more videos (youtube LOL) and figured out how to make bigger over the top bows.

My husband said this one looked too busy and I informed him that apparently he doesnt look at bows much since I have seen way more busier bows then this one.
This was the last one I made tonite and so far it is my favorite. I am considering taking them down to the consignment shop I use and asking if they can sell these. Maybe they will sell I dunno hehe. Unfortunatly once I run out of ribbon I will be at a standstill on the bow making until a few weeks pass and I have the money to get more stuff, which I will have to since I already been requested to make some bows for easter. So I will be busy trying to find some pretty ribbon to make those here in a few weeks. I guess since I will have to take a break on bow making I can finally get back to finishing the dress I am working on since it is halfway completed. Then I can start on the next outfit which I have already bought some really cute fabric to make it out of. Well until next blog later!

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