Thursday, December 29, 2011

So... another year has gone

Another year has gone almost... we are now nearing the last two days of december.. it seems like yesterday it was january.. i remember saying to my mother in law.. all i want for chrismas is for lora n justin to have a baby.. we had already started giving presents for the baby.. after they got the go ahead for the waiting game.. i guess none of us figured it would happen so quickly.. but god knew ... april 23rd miss zoe grace was born and she has stolen all of our hearts.. her smile melts our hearts each time she smiles.. she really seems like the most perfect angel perfectly hand picked for lora n justin... so i guess that is why this year maybe christmas didnt seem like christmas.. well it did but i was already fulfilled with my wish of what i wanted for them... it was great to have everyone one with a family all together enjoying the holidays... i think zoe has been the ray in the light with my dads cancer.. i surprisingly have coped fairly well with everything since it has brought up the memories of my mother being on chemo... seeing my dad bald was different.. of course he was the same dad but you know it is something that happens suddenly.. and then everyone has always said my dad never looks his age.. always saying he is 20 yrs younger then what he is .. yet it seems now he has lost 10 yrs and only looks 70 not 80... i hate to see that happen... but tis is life.. god has blessed us very much and has provided and guided us thru all the struggles and happiness this year.. and i am thankful for this year .. even if it has flown by very very fast.

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