Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cancer sucks part 10

So it has been a lil bit since my last post and alot has happened. Last sunday i dropped the kiddos off at lou and macs and they got picked up later on by lele and poppie to go on a fun vacation to gatlinburg. The kids had a great time from what i was told. They went to the aquarium which hunter and ava both loved alot especially the sharks. They were able to have a fun week while i was busy with my dad at uab. So early monday morning we left for uab and arrived about 430am ... which ended up really sucking since they had a prior surgery that was having some  longer then expected surgery time and my father didnt get in till 2pm. Only reason why i say it sucks is not having or being able to eat or drink after midnite and waiting that long sucks big one. Anyways.... they started surgery at 3pm and about 430pm he went into recovery. At first i got confused with what they had actually done but they dr visited the room around 8pm and we found out about the surgery. They went in with the intentions of removing the upper right lobe which is where the cancer is. When they got in they started to have some problems with rerouting the airways and it was going to have to be a whole lung removal to remove the cancer. Luckily they got good results on the biospies of the tumor and THE CANCER IS DEAD!!!! So in the end run nothing was removed. My dad is recovering good. Tuesday was a ruff day for him.. he had a really bad problem with dry mouth and then everytime he tried to stand he was getting dizzy. By wednesday he was feeling much better and started eating more... he walked one and a half loops. Thursday was much better and he managed to walk 2 times and also it helped that by then all the tubes were removed. So we are now recovering and waiting for the post op meeting on jan 5th to find out how many if any more treatments we have to do since apparently there is no more cancer. I am so happy that the chemo worked and did its job. Thank you everyone for the prayers they have definitly helped alot. I will update again about the post op meeting in January.

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