Monday, December 12, 2011

miss ava

Ava is now 25 months old... i cant believe it that it has been 2 yrs already. Ava is learning so much .. she just started Early Arts this year and loves going to school alot. She just recently last week stopped using the pacy and also has over the last month potty in the big potty!!! She is into everything on a daily basis... i believe if she could she would crawl back inside of me lol. Here are some pics of my lil princess. 
 me and ava chilling one nite at midnite... she woke up and i decided to watch a movie and eat some popcorn with her. 
 Ava on thanksgiving day playing with a christmas ornament on the counter.
 kinda blurry ... but ava showing off her hello kitty shirt she got for her bday from aunt jessie
Ava modeling her nails that were just painted... As i am writing this ava is looking at her pics saying aba ... it is how hunter for a long time said her name.. he just recently started saying it right... Also ava has made a name for hunter since she cant really say it yet... she calls him abbott his middle name... Ava is saying alot of words and definitly voices her opinion all the time.

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