Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Another Day

Well I have learned how to add pictures... got a family pic up . This picture was taken by my inlaws who own their own photography studio. I always love how the pictures they take turn out. This was taken in Gatlinburg, we had all gone up their as a family to celebrate my husbands grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. All they wanted for their anniversary was a new family picture and so we all somehow managed to get together for a weekend to do them. Here is a picture of the whole Letson family 4 generations worth. It was very cold that day and my father in law stood in the water to take this picture.

Today has been a busy day. I have been fighting a sinus infection for a few days now and I guess today was my worst day, but I have kept myself busy. I was surprisingly able to get some washing, folding, and dishes done all thru the sneezing and blowing of my nose lol. Hunter kept himself busy most of the day by building choo choo train tracks.

Here are his designs for today. Had to take two pictures of it since it was so big. Hunter sure has become a good designer at railroad tracks. I sure do remember the days though when he would ask me or his dad to build him one and now he builds his own every morning. Ava was needy today, she is still getting over her sinus infection and on her antibotics still. But she seems to be clearing up alot more now then what she was last week. As I said in my previous post she loves to play dress up. Here are two pictures of her playing dress up with her brothers clothes ( for some reason she always pulls his stuff out first lol ).

I know I know she has her brothers underwear on her head.. but when she brought them to me she was trying so hard to put it on her head that i just helped her. Like I said she sure loves to make a fashion statement. At one point today both of the kiddos wanted to climb all over me, and for some reason i decided to start softly screaming and bouncing with them on my lap oh man did they laugh and laugh. All hunter kept saying was do it again mommy and ava was just giggling. It is weird how some small weird things make your kids laugh the most. This evening was our normal tuesday nite. Nathan has class with the electrician union , this is his last year and he will graduate in may. So me and the kiddos curled up on the couch with some popcorn and watched one of my all time fav disney movies Aladdin. Of course I had to wait till Fresh beat band went off before I could turn the tv, and when I did Hunter had a meltdown but as soon as the movie started he got interested in watching it. Of course after about 30 mins both kids lost interest and were off doing other things in the house while mommy was left to watch the movie by herself. After Ava went to bed Hunter had fun playing my video game on the computer. Yes before I say what game it is I am a big nerd. I play World of Warcraft. It is a fun game that both me and my husband enjoy playing together so it is something we have fun doing. Well tonite hunter found that there were boats moving around the towns canals in the game. It sure didnt take him long to figure out that you could jump in them. He spent about thirty mins riding the boats to the end and then finding another one to hop into. I just want to say that kids are genious's today. I dont think I have ever seen a kid pick up how to work around a computer before so fast. He loves youtube and knows how to work it. Of course all he watches is thomas the train videos on there with my supervision since of course we know some people in this world will upload bad videos on the internet. So these were just some of the highlights of my day. I would have to stay us bouncing on the chair and making them laugh was my highlight and put a big smile on my face. Here is just one more picture from today it is Hunter saying cheese and making a funny face. I hope everyone has a wonderful nite.

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