Friday, February 18, 2011

pass several days

So I havent written anything in a week almost i guess... It is has been pretty busy. Last Thursday we got snow only an inch if you call it that by noon it was almost all melted so I didnt even bother taking any pictures. Nathan had to work only a half a day since the weather was bad and no one tried to come into work except him LOL. On Sunday we had Nathan's bday party at his parents house. It was fun having all the kiddos together. Case, Sam, Hunter, Greta, and Ava all had fun on the gator. Each one of them was good about taking turns. Hunter had an accident and fell off the back of the gator.. it wasnt bad he just got a small booboo on the back of his head which has healed pretty good so far. He was very tuff and only fussed for a few mins .. once he got a popsicle and we cleaned it he was off back jumping around with everyone else. Later that day we all worked together as a family and made Hunter's Valentines box for school. When we went shopping hunter had pick out some thomas stickers and so Lele came up with the idea to make a thomas the train box. Hunter, Sam, Kelly, Lele and I all got to work and helped make Hunter the cutest box. He was and is still very proud of it.
Tuesday was his party and on that day we both overslept. I went running into his room and said oh no hunter we are late for school and he jumped right up saying oh no my thomas box LOL. He got lots of candy at school and it is all just about gone now. I believe he ate most of it the first day. Hunter got two cute outfits from mama lou and daddy mac... and ava got two outfits to play dress up in. One is a princess outfit with a crown and the other is a fairy costume. At some point in time when I can get her to stay still I will post a picture of both. She has played dress up everyday since she got it and Hunter is always telling her how pretty the dress is. This morning Hunter actually brought the dress to Ava telling her to play dress up. It is cute watching them play together. This morning both of them were running around the house yelling and giggling the whole time. Nathan and I both just shook our heads and laughed. Well this is short and sweet but I will be back writting again sooner then later.

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