Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Family

So this is my first blog. I have read a couple of friends and thought that it would be a great idea so here i am lol. My name is Michelle and I am 29 yrs old, I am a stay at home mom for the time being. I have worked but I find liking being at home with my kids plus having dinner for the family what I like most. When I worked me and my husband had separate schedules so normally it was him cooking if you called it cooking lol. I am married to great, funny, loves to pick on me man named Nathan. We meet back at Hollywood Video where yes I was his boss (which didnt last for long since it was just a second job for him). We have been together for six years and married for four years. We have two wonderful children... Hunter who is 3 and Ava who is almost 15 months old. Hunter is an exact replica of me.. or so I think... his stubborness sometimes and the way he gets frustrated reminds me of myself. He loves Thomas the train! that is all he does most of the day is play his make believe stories out with his trains or have fun watching thomas episodes. Hunter is our lil monkey or aka hunterman as i have called him majority of the time. And when I say lil monkey he sure is ... nothing is out of reach for this child. At ava's age hunter was climbing stools, crawling over couches, and knocking his dresser over at 2. So far no broken bones yet. Hunter is very much a ruff and tuff kid .. always going and going and finally after 12 hrs he will crash . Ava is our little destroyer... everything in her path isnt safe. She is also called the wipe monster since she has a fascination of destroying the wipes. Ava reminds me of her Lele. You put them together and you would think you saw double. Even though she looks like her lele she has her daddy's ways. Nathan would disagree sometimes but he is the person if it isnt done my way then it is wrong. Ava is the same way. You dont give her juice or food at the right time she sure lets you know. She also is a lil diva in her own... I did not encourage it but it came out on its own. She loves to play dress up with any item of clothing she can find and carry bags around with her. But her favorite thing to carry most of the time is her lil walrus.

This is my family.. i love the new things that we encounter everyday. The days are filled with cleaning, caring for boo boos, cooking, running around, dancing to yo gabba gabba and anything else that can fit its way in. I guess I can talk about myself a bit without boring anyone since it is the first post... I am sure the others may be a bit more interesting. Other than what I have already said I guess I am a typical female.. I have my moments like everyone else does. I have lived in Alabama since I was five and I sometimes wish to leave here I kinda feel stuck. This place has a homey feeling. I guess to best explain it is true what they say of southern hospitality .. you do still find it in certain areas more than others. I always loved living in Lawrence county everyone there was so nice. I would ride down the road as a kid or even now and people passing you will wave or someone on their front porch will wave. The only family I have here is my dad.. my mom passed when I was 13. The rest of my family lives up north or over in England so I have relied on my mom and now dad alot. I always wondered about having your family living close by.. but now as i have gotten older I do miss that I havent seen my family as much as I wanted to but kinda glad that the times I do see them it is really special. When I meet Nathan I got to experience the family living close by. Nathan has grown up in the area we live since he was a baby. His parents, grandparents, and everyone else just about lives in this area too. I have enjoyed having them close by alot and glad that I do get to experience the closeness that you get when your family lives close. Nathan is a goofball .. and I say that in a good way . I love him to death.. he works hard and still comes home with sometimes enough energy to bug me to death just to make me laugh or smile. He definitly knows how to aggervate me .. I sometimes give him a hard time but if he didnt do it he wouldnt be Nathan at all. I am sure when he finds out I have a blog he will find a way to pick on me about it. He will probaly laugh but oh well.

Well I guess this is all I will post tonite.. sometime tomorrow I will figure out how to load pics and dress up the blog but since it is almost 1am this is all I will do now.

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