Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paydays are busy days

So today was a busy busy day. I had asked Nathan before we went to bed last nite to please wake me up when he left for work so I could not oversleep. Well needless to say I was jumping out of the bed at 745 am and running around trying to get everyone up to start our day. Hunter was still passed out in the living room floor ( the boy sleeps in about three different places during the nite) and Miss Ava was quietly awaiting someone to get her out of her bed. After I literally threw clothes on us all grabbed two sippie cups and a bowl of dry cereal, we were off to the bank to get some things straighten out there. A cute moment at the bank, when we were done and I was walking away from the counter, Hunter looked at the teller and said " Good bye and I love you" .. he is too sweet. After the bank, paying dues to union hall, and then a quick grab of coffee and two hashbrowns from McDonald's we headed back home to get some more things together before we visited Lolo at the studio. Once at the studio the kiddos wanted to see Lele and Poppie so bad but they were busy in a session with a lil one. Both of them were very patient with me as I faxed off stuff to places. Can you believe that a mortgage companies fax line is constantly busy?? and I tried both fax numbers lol After trying the number for another 25 mins I finally said forget it and loaded the kiddos back in the car to go home. Unfortunatly that didnt happen, I ended up having to get more info for one place and we were off on another round trip to bank, McDonalds again for a kids meal for kiddos, and then back to the studio to fax another thing off. I am sure Lele and Poppie will soon start charging me to use their fax machine hehe. Finally around noon we were back home. The day progressed pretty much slowly, Ava ended up taking a nice long nap today which she needed. She has been running a temp off and on and has a lil congestion. She has been cutting her first molars for three months now and I think hopefully they are finally almost in. Hopefully with a few breathing treatments we wont have to visit the doctor this week if not then Friday looks like the day for that. Nathan got home around 520 and we ate dinner. After dinner I made my run to Walmart for groceries since I really dont feel like shopping with Ava not feeling well tomorrow. When I got home Hunter helped me put up all the groceries he is really becoming such a big helper, of course ava was there for supervision telling us which bag to unload first. Then it was bedtime for Ava and Hunter settled into watching his shows on tv. He has really gotten into Dora, Deigo, and Niho Kilan (im sure that is spelled wrong). It is so cute hearing him repeat the words in the different languages. Nathan and I got on our game for a bit and ran a few dungeons with our friends. Of course we knew when it was time to get off cause Hunter was jumping up and down announcing the Upside Down show was coming on. This is his fav show and comes on only at 10 pm at nite. Most nites he cant stay awake till it comes on but about 3 times a week he gets to watch it. Me and Nathan just love watching him literally crack up laughing at this show. I really wish it was on earlier during the day or on the on demand feature with Comcast. Well this is it for tonite I am going to now watch the last 20 mins of the Upside Down show with my son. Goodnite everyone.

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