Friday, April 8, 2011

Ok I am really a terrible blogger LOL

So lets see I am so far failing at blogging everyday. I even thought that maybe once a week I would get on here and do something. Yet I believe it has almost been a month since my last post. What made me realize I was a bad blogger is that I was reading one of the blogs I read everynite. I had gone back to her beginning blogging days and was looking over some posts when she stated that her friend said she was a bad blogger. I kinda laughed to myself considering this young woman had already been posting for over a yr. To me she didnt seem like a bad blogger just someone busy with everyday life. So today I am going to try to start doing better at blogging I may be able to post something at least three times a week. But since I am a stay at home mom , some ppl would say I should have all the time to blog , but I am very busy during the day trying to keep the house clean and keep up with my two kids both under the age of four so that is a constant keeping an eye on what their lil minds think they should be getting into LOL.
The past two weeks have been very busy with sick kids. Hunter got bronchitis last week and he has just gotten over it except for the cough. Unfortunatly we think with the weather change that took place and him already having bronchitis , that his viral asthma is acting up now. So it is breathing treatments 3 times a day for Hunter until he stops coughing and wheezing. We had been doing really good all winter long with him not having issues with his asthma. So we are hoping that is a sign saying that he is finally growing out of it. So since Hunter has been down for a week it didnt surprise me when Ava started coughing and getting a runny nose. So now this week Ava is sick along with cutting her 4 canine teeth in one go. I will be happy when they finally come in and she will have all her teeth except for the 2 yr molars.
So with that said along with the house work , it has been a very busy two weeks. Since most evenings after the kids go to bed I have some spare time where I can blog, I am normally crafting or playing WoW with the husband. The past two days I have gotten into a kick again with making bows. I have made about 7 so far. Here are a few I have made that I liked the best.

And here is Ava making her own bows herself.

She was really trying hard to make her own bows.
I also want to share the two blogs I read every nite. The first one is a caringbridge site and it is about baby ella. She just turned a yr old and is now over 100 days past having her bone marrow transplant. It is just amazing reading this blog because you can see the little miracles God has done to help this family cope with their daughters illness. Here is the link . Please go and read you will be amazed at this family and please also pray for this family for things to continue going good for baby ella and hopefully that they will be discharged out of the hospital next week. The other blog I read is about the Staats family. Seven weeks ago they lost their daughter to SIDS. It has been very hard as a mother of two not to have your heart break and cry your eyes out reading this blog on a daily basis. But God has given this family strength and lots and lots of support from tons of people that they are able to take it one day at a time and live life remembering Madie. The blog link . Please go and check it out. Also the Staats family and another family that lost their daughter to SIDS have created Team M. They are raising money to donate to the SIDS research foundation. This is a program called Spring for SIDS. If you want to help donate to this cause here is the link just state you are donating for Team M. . They are also hosting an auction for Team M here is the facebook link to the page if you would like to donate anything to the auction!/pages/Team-M-Maddie-and-Macies-Auction-for-the-American-SIDS-Institute/175912272457876 . Well I am done blogging for the nite, got to get some rest for the Chicken and Egg festival tomorrow. I will be helping my dad out in the Optimist Club concession stand. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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