Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun day with Jessie

So today my best friend Jesska came over. The kids were thrilled to see her. She is like a second mom to them especially Ava since she watched my kids for 8 months when I was working last year. So she came over today bearing presents for the kids. She got Hunter a kalidascope and got both kids a box of sidewalk chalk. Since it was such a beautiful day we hung out on the back porch watching the kids color. Here is a couple of pics of the kids art.

We had a great time with them coloring. And since they got covered in chalk i decided to hook up the hose and make a sprinkler for the kids to run thru to get washed off. They LOVED it alot. I really cant wait till the pools open up and we can go swimming I know my kids will enjoy that alot this year. Here is a pic of Hunter posing for the camera, he is becoming such funny face person lately and it is just so cute seeing him do it.
After the fun filled day we didnt do much of anything else except wait for the storms to roll in. I am sure tonite it will be pretty bad but hopefully the weather has passed us by now. Hopefully this week if the weather is nice we will get out to the park sometime. I am hoping that my friend Crystal can bring her two boys along with us. I have really been wanting to get our kids together to hang out and since my kiddos are feeling much better I am hoping this week we can have a day to hang and have fun at the park.
This evening has been pretty uneventful both kids ate dinner good and then played for a bit and then they decided to tackle mommy on the couch.. my husband somehow managed to get a fairly good pic of us.
I hope everyone has a wonderful nite.. I am now gonna try to wind down so I can get to bed. Gotta get up early in the morning to make my hunny breakfast to take to work. Nite!

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