Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cancer Sucks part 9

Ok sorry i havent updated since the last one it has been very busy with the holidays. We havent had the major surgery yet. On Friday they went in and did a biopsy of his lung wall. They cut a wedge out to make sure that the cancer had not spread into the lung wall. So far all biospies have come back negative which is great news. My dad did very well with the procedure and he only had to stay one nite in the hospital due to the drainage tube. He was back to his normal self by sunday. At first the news was that on Dec 8th he would meet with the lung surgeon and have a ct scan and do the surgery on Dec 20th but they called this morning and changed the surgery to Dec 5th. Which makes me happy because now my father will be well and get to enjoy the christmas holidays. So what they are doing is major surgery. They are not going in lyposcopicly (spelling?)... they will be cutting my dad open in his chest and taking the cancerous tumor out and we believe at this time that they will also be taking out the benign tumor that is in or around his bronical tube. Which makes us both happy because might as well get rid of it before it turns bad on us. They said that my father should be in the hospital for no longer then five days and then he will have a two week recovery time at home. My dad is a lil disappointed that it will be the harder surgery but we both agree that it needs to be done the best way possible to make sure everything is taken out right and done the right way the first time so we can put this lung cancer behind us. So please pray that the surgeons have an easy time doing the work on my dad that needs to be done and that my dad gets thru the surgery great and that he recovers well. My dad will be going down on thursday for pre op stuff and so if we find out more on exactly what will be happening i will update the news, otherwise i will not post again until after my dad comes home. Thank you again for all the prayers everyone.

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