Sunday, January 1, 2012

.new year 101

so this new year i decided to actually kidda say i am doing new years resoultions.... i normally never do because i never really kept them.. this time i am actually gonna try lol... here are the ones i have thought of so far....
1. keep my house clean lol ... it isnt a mess but it could be alot cleaner lol.. i know i have two kids but i did almost let the dust bunnies take over.. so i have made a list of things to do each day... cause as my husband says i should do a lil each day and then i will get it done...

2. try to quit smokin for the uptenth time ... but really i am gonna try and quit.. for one i voluntered to be a motivational person for a dear from of mine from highschool... so ya i gotta be quitting if i am gonna be some kind of support for someone else.. and one i think i need this .. for one my 6mm non calified spot on my lung... two i am tired .. i mean tired .. did i say tired of people .. regardless of who the heck it is nagging me about quitting.. and omg the ones who used to smoke are worse... ahem dad.. anywho.. this is a goal of mine .. someday soon this year

3. be a better person... and by this i mean my attitude as a whole.. i need to revamp.. i already figured one short term fix by paxeling it up .. it has helped .. things have gotten better but i do to do more then depend on a dam pill... so ya whatever it takes i am doing it 

4. not being a short ordered cooked and taking the rolling eye critisim from my husband with a blind eye... ya this one is a good one .. and the not yelling at my husband will be better ... so ya i am cooking for me and my kids .. if my husband is hungry he can eat what he likes off his plate ... ie like tonite lol

5. work on my business... since i was a kid and working with my dad on his video store ... i have always wanted a business.. by all means i should be able to with alot and i mean alot of hard work do it with my degrees and knowledge .. so i am gonna work hard this year to get myself out there with my bows and tutus... for one i am gonna try and do fourth tuesdays... and actually do the sugar plum market this year... maybe the helen keller festival..doubtfull on hk cuz i am sure it will be expensive to get a booth... 

so these are a few of my resolutions i have decided to do this year ... alot of other things i have wants to do but i dont want to comment to paper cuz it deals with things aligning and being able to keep the payments going.. yall know the daily bills and saving money thing... everyone wants that each year lol... so i hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed new year!!!

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