Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cancer sucks part 8

Ok this will be a quick update on my dad. Atm the surgery to cut the cancer out is on hold. But we do have to go down friday morning for another procedure which will cause him to have to stay a nite at the hospital. Alright from the beginning. Tuesday my dad had to drive down to UAB for an ultrasound on his lymph nodes in his chest. Well found out he should have had someone to take him down there. But it all worked out due to no fluid showing up around the lymph nodes they were looking at. Today we left at 3am to go down to UAB. Today they made a small incesion right under where his neck is to draw some lymph fluid from around those lymph nodes in neck and to do a biospy of them. The biospy came back negative. No word on the lymph fluid. They also went and looked around my dads brochial tubes. And this was the kicker kinda. ( Back in July we were told there was another tumor but it was benine in his bronical tube) Well the dr took a biospy of that tumor cause he seemed surprised by it. If that has become cancerous the surgery can not proceed to take the cancer out of the lobe area in his right lung. We are hoping for a negative. So on Friday we are going down for my dad to have an incesion made i believe on his right side so the dr can get the lymph fluid and a biospy of the lymph nodes that they did an ultrasound on tuesday. Also he will look around ... and hopefully pending all tests can do the major surgery. So here is hoping. My dad did good today. He did have a weak spell but we were smart and had already decided we werent going to leave until my dad felt good. So he waited for over four hours almost and then we made the trip home without any problems. So here we are waiting for Friday and waiting for good news. So until then hope you all have a great weekend and ty for the prayers.

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