Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hunter and Ava's 4th and 2nd bday

So on Oct 30 my son Hunter turned 4 yrs old... I cant believe that he is that old already.. it seems like yesterday he was just born and now he is writing his name, counting to 30, and saying his abc's. Ava turns 2 on Nov 12th and she is just growing up way too fast. It has seemed that she is growing up faster then what it took Hunter to get to 2. She is a mess but I love her soo.. she is constantly voicing her opinion. She is such a demanding child unlike Hunter. This weekend we did a joint bday party for them since it worked out easier with my inlaws having their christmas sessions all next week and sales the next week. This year we decided to do a Chuck e Cheese bday party. It went great!! Hunter invited some friends from school. Everyone from his class showed up except for two ppl. All the kiddos had a great time playing the games. When it came time for Chuck e Cheese to come out Hunter was a lil apprehensive at first but he warmed up to him almost immediatly. Ava of course had this heck no and did the death grip on me lol. But Lele ended up getting her to hug and kiss him by the end. The kiddos racked up on presents, you would almost think it was Christmas lol. One of their biggest presents they got was a swing set from mama lou and daddy mac. Nathan and Mac worked hard yesterday and then me and Nathan finished it up today. Here are some pics of it. 
I just love this swing set!! Hunter is enjoying it too.. he has said several times today mommy i just love this so much.
Ava immediatly went to the swing.. the whole time while she was swinging she was saying weee weee wee mommy. The swing set has two swings and monkey bar type swing, a slide, a rock climb like ladder and then a lil cubby hole up top, and it also has a pinic like table. The first thing Hunter said once it was completed was mommy can I eat some lunch on my new table please mommy. Of course I couldnt say no. All in all I would say this was an awesome present for them. Other stuff they got was some cute clothes, colors, stickers, cars, batman cave, two cabbage patch dolls, barbie mermaid doll, cars 2 , princess and the frog, toy hair accesories, and some other things. I thank all my family and friends that came out to the party and made it such a great success. Now I just gotta wait to get the pics from my mother inlaw cause I was such a busy mom that day making sure all went well that I did not get any pics myself. So in another blog I will post pics of the day when I get them. Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did.

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