Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cancer sucks part 6

So here are the newest updates on my dad. Currently he is on his last round of chemo coming up to the possible surgery. He has been doing really well thru all the chemo sessions. Yesterday we went down to UAB to have a TK bronchoscopy. What they did was go down thru his throat with an ultrasound device and used it to do a biospy of his lymph nodes around his sterum area. We should get the results back in 2 to 3 days of the biospy. The procedure went great but it was afterwords I had a scare with my father. We were on our way back from UAB on hwy 157 and he started feeling faint. I offered to give him something to snack on since he had not ate due to the procedure except for a few crackers when he was in recovery. As I was reaching around for the snack my father laid back in the seat. When I said here you go dad there was no response. When I looked at my father he had blacked out and was having a convulsion?? his head was tilted back and his eyes were rolled back in his head. He was shaking and gurgling. I immediatly pulled off the road and lifted his head and called 911... by the time the person said hello what is your emergency my father had snapped back into his old self and was asking what happened. We had the emt's come out and evaluate him on the side of the road. He did throw up before they got there. They said he didnt have a stroke or a seizure. Since his vital signs checked out good the ambulance ( which luckily one of my friends from highschool was the emt on the ambulance) followed us back to his house ( we were only 30 mins out). My father got sick two more times but finally got some sleep after 9pm. This morning he woke up good like nothing had even happened at all. Last nite after talking to some of my emt friends we think that due to the chemo, plus having to wait so long not to eat due to the procedure (it had been 14 hrs) plus the vercet they used to put him under, and the being in a moving car and cool air blowing on him is what cause the episode. It is possible he could have had a TIA. I have finally convinced my dad to speak with the drs about it... at first he was worried this would set him back on surgery but I told him that this would prolly make them use a different drug to put him to sleep. It was a scary moment when it happened and it seemed it lasted longer then the 80 secs. I am just so happy he snapped out of it and is better this morning. Next thursday he will have to go back to UAB for a CT scan and a stress test. Hopefully they will speak more on the surgery and so far there is a tenative date set for Nov 18th for them to proceed with the surgery. So this is all I have to update for now. Please pray for my dad that everything will go smoothly and we can find out what caused yesterdays episode without it hurting his chances on having the cancer removed. I thank everyone that has been praying for my father. Your prayers were definitly heard yesterday.

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