Saturday, September 10, 2011

A day with Hunter

So today was mine and Hunter's day together. Last month I had signed him up for the Thrilling Three's class at Lucy's Artys Place. This morning Hunter had his first painting class. It was really fun and exciting to watch him concentrate so hard on painting. The painting was really easy. There were only two kids total. Which surprised me I would have thought there would have been more. But Hunter had a great time anyways with a lil girl named Lilly. So here are a few pics of what he did.  

As you can see it was just 4 squares  that they could color in with whatever color they wanted. Of course I figured blue and green would be Hunter's picks of his first two colors. The boy is definitly my child. Blue and green were my favorite colors as a kid. It will be interesting to find out what Ava's favorite colors are as she gets older and can start voicing her own opinions. 
It took a fews times to tell him to actually pick up the brush and paint back in forth. I'm sure in his mind he was thinking my mommy thinks i dont know how to color LOL. But I am very proud of my lil man. He did such a good job and was very independent on how he wanted his picture to turn out as. After they got all the squares colored in Lucy told the kids that they could add any design they wanted to add in the squares with the colors they had used already. Hunter was on a mission from then on out. He knew exactly what he wanted to do in each of his squares. Even though to us adults it looks like chicken scratch, Hunter told me what each thing he was drawing was. 

In the corner with the blue background ( yes i know it is auburn colors, for some reason no matter how hard u dont try to combine them they seem to always show up together in a color scheme LOL) anyways lol it was a smiley face first then hunter drew a hat and then he colored in the face. My thoughts were it is frankenstein hehehe... The green background is just some shapes as Hunter said... The orange background has green worms.. and the red background has what i thought was a bunny but hunter says the small area that isnt colored in with blue is its teeth hehe.. Such an imagination he has already. Hunter is very proud of his art work.. Daddy and Ava both loved it also. When we got home I asked him where he wanted to hang it .. after alot of thought and consideration he decided it should go in our bedroom right by my side of the bed. 

I think it is beautiful. I always love looking at the drawings Hunter makes up on his own. I have always wonder what type of things go thru his head on a daily basis and it is always fun to see his ideas and thoughts drawn out when he has an idea in his head. I am hoping to get him back in again next month when they have another day set up for the three year olds. And definitly next year I will get ava to make some paintings of her own. 

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