Monday, September 19, 2011

day 3 of quitting smoking

Short bog cuz I am needing to get stuff done and plus getting a headache ( lack of nicotine prolly ). Well on Friday I bought my last pack of cigs. It lasted  all weekend till last night. Which I thought was really good cuz it lasted between two .. yes TWO ppl. My husband and I are both trying to quit. Of course today he is having a slightly harder time then me since he is at work with guys that smoke. But hopefully once we cross out a week we will be fully on our way to no more smoking. We got the lozengers which are ok. I dont care for it much due to the slightly burning sensation it gives off while ur having to not suck but let it dissolve on each side of ur cheeks (swapping sides) also u cant swallow the salvia (i just spit LOL) cuz of the stuff in it. Yesterday I used two and so far today I havent used any. I am hoping this time I can fully quit and never start back. I should have stayed quit after my first pregnancy and even after I had ava but I guess I wasnt strong enough yet to say no to the cigeret. But this time I am working hard to quit and stay quit. Well off to do stuff round the house. Hope everyone has a great week.

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