Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cancer Sucks part 2

So I havent posted anything on my dad since my first blog. Today was his fifth treatment and I am happy to say that so far he isnt having any really bad side effects. He has had no naseau what so ever. Now he is losing his hair it started after the third treatment. After we got back from the district meeting in Mobile my dad decided that it was time to shave his head. So I did in front of the kiddos so they wouldnt freak out seeing my dad with no hair. It actually suits him very well. And Hunter loves it. He keeps saying he wants his hair cut like his Peepops. All of my dads counts have looked good each week. He hasnt been below average at all so far in his counts. So that is great news. On the 29th of this month he will have another CT scan to see if there is any shrinking of the tumor. I pray that it is gone even though i know that is asking too much. But at least hope there is some shrinking happening with the tumor. The only minor set back he has had is that now he is on cumadin. He had a small clot form in his sub veins in his arm. It wasnt life threatening at all but they wanted him to go ahead and get on the thinner just in case. He has been on it for a week now and it looks like he may have to be on  it for a lil longer. Hopefully this will be short lived. So that is the update. I am glad it isnt much since everything is going good. After the 29th I will post again on what the newest update is. Hope everyone is having a great week.

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