Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well this weekend was great. We had our friend renee come down from Minnesota with her mom and her two kids. The above pic is of ava and makayla enjoying an icie together. We were a pitstop on their way to South Carolina to see her oldest son Curtis graduate from bootcamp. Unfortunatly we didnt get to do much of anything since it rained the whole time they were here due to Tropical storm Lee. But it was great visiting with them. Ava had a ball with Wyatt and Makayla. Renee's kids are awesome . Nathan met his match in wrestling. Wyatt kicked his butt since Nathan didnt want to get too ruff with him LOL. But we all had a great time and enjoyed the visit. We are definitly going to have to make sure to go up and visit with them very soon and meet everyone else. While Renee was here I made Makayla a tutu and an awesome hair bow. I didnt get a pic of the bow ( it was a cute halloween one) but i did get a pic of the tutu. Makayla wouldnt model it for me since she has been not feeling well due to cutting her teeth but here is a pic of it . I totally love the colors. 

Hunter had a great weekend to himself also. He hung out with his Lele and Poppie most of the weekend.
Today was also a busy day other then our weekend . Ava and Hunter started back school today. Ava did awesome on her first day, she didnt even cry when i dropped her off. I guess it is because she knew that her brother would be there and she wanted to be big like him. Hunter had a great day also. He now goes three times a week. Cant believe in two years he will start kindergarden. They do grow up too fast. 
So I have gotten back on my kick of making bows. I am excited this time about doing it. I have actually already had 2 sales from my bows and working on an order atm. My sister in law talked me into making a page for my bows. Here is the link if you want to check it out. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Avabugluv-bowtique/254426194588083
Here is some pics also of my latest bows i have made. 

This was the Halloween bow I made for my 26 likes drawing for my page. My son picked out the ribbon and the spider part for the bow. 

This one is one of my fav. It has already sold too was one of my first sales. I love the sparkly ladybug piece on the bow.
If you get a chance like my page. I really dont keep up on who reads my blog or not I just liked to blog once in and while and share things that are going on in my life and also it is a good venting area when you need to vent. I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend. I am now going to work on my page for my bows. I already got to work on an idea for a stand at my inlaws portrait studio. They have asked me to make some bows up and set them up for sale at the studio, which means more plain bows then design fabric but that is fine with me. Laterz everyone.

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