Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I am doing something for a fellow blogger

Today is Kellie Staats birthday... So I want to wish her a Happy Birthday and this is your present to you liked you asked. All Kellie wanted for her birthday today was for fellow bloggers to talk about her daughter Maddie since she cant have her here like she really wants to. I have blogged some things before talking about the Staats family and the loss of their daughter. Maddie is the baby girl angel that has informed me more about SIDS and the reason for my last two blogs to help inform people of SIDS. Maddie left this earth on February 17, 2011 and became Kellie and James guardian angel. Us mom's never think about losing our kids. It is our worst fear and we just try to bury it as far back as we can. But when it does happen parents around bond together to give support to the family during their time of need. The Staats has gained a circle of friends thru their blog and Kellie also now makes bows and has her own page on fb Maddie's Mom Made That. I do not has any pics of Maddie but I do have the link for their blog and wish that anyone that reads this will go over and read their story. Happy Birthday to you Kellie!! I pray for your family all the time and pray that you will be blessed beyond measure in your life ahead.

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