Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And it keeps raining LOL

So it just keeps raining i guess the saying goes lol... You know when one thing happens and then it just keeps going until finally it stops. I guess it started with my ruff weekend and at first it was just busy. We have family pics on Sunday which is also my son's 4th birthday too. So Monday wasnt too terribly bad other then some bad news on a job for Nathan. He was hoping to get on the I&C shop but it seems like he may not get that interview. Which we are fine with it just isnt where God wants us to be atm. That day went ok other then that. Kids had their pictures made together and finished up Ava's two year session. And I was able to go and get a massage from a friend. But the next day changed into a busy day after a somewhat busy monday nite lol. So on Tuesday I was running all over town trying to find a brown shirt for me and the hubby to wear for pictures. I literally went to every store and didnt find anything that I liked for me. Was lucky and found something right off the bat for my husband. So I ended up giving up and picking the kids up from school. Just to have ava not feeling well, I think she is teething. Then we had to go to the studio for the kiddos to try on clothes for the pictures ( with ava in a bad mood). Of course that day was stressful cause I was waiting for my dad to call and let me know what the lung surgeons plans were. ( that will be talked about in another post). Anyways that day ended and I thought wednesday for sure some rest would come. Well this morning I had to get together their art order for school. And it went from there ... to a 3 hr round trip in the car with two kiddos.. they did better then I thought but man I was so happy when I got home. We went from their school dropping off the order.. to my dad's to unload some stuff from his car.. to decatur to pick up their birthday shirts I ordered for them and then we also picked up these cups I ordered months ago. So that round trip tired all of us out. So I thought when I got home surely tomorrow will be a good day to rest. Well at 2pm my dad called.... the fuel pump went out in his car ( which thank God it didnt happen when he was in Lousiana this past weekend driving by himself). So the hubby gladly picked my dad up and now tomorrow i am having to take him to his chemo treatment. So another long day on the road LOL... maybe friday will be a day of rest???  I havent had a week this busy with driving around in forever and man does it tire you out. So now that i vented about my busy week so far I am gonna head to bed... gotta get up early early to get kids taken care of for school and dropped off and the long drive to get my dad... ya you get the picture hehe... so hope everyone has a great day tomorrow... will blog later about the new update on my dads cancer... goodnite

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