Monday, January 2, 2012

breaking dawn and some fun

so my apologies for this being old news.. meant to blog about this earlier but ya been busy lol... so the first friday my uncle was in town me, nathan, and him all went out to eat with rob and misty at buffalo wild wings... we had a great time .. it has been a long time since i had been out with another couple so it was alot of much needed fun... after dinner me, unkie and misty all went and saw breaking dawn... i have been so excited about this movie since eclipse... i didnt get to see it opening nite due to my dad's procedure the next day so i had been anticipating this for way too long... it was a great nite.. i liked the movie but i guess i am more excited about seeing bella as a vampire and seeing it all come together.. it seemed liked there was something missing i guess since it kinda goes into jacobs point of view in the book and it didnt in the movie made it seem a lil off??? anywho it was great anyways and i cant wait till this november to see part 2 and this time hopefully i will see it opening nite

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