Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years eve and dad's bday party

So normally we always go to a party on new years eve.. this year well not to hurt my friends but i just didnt want to go ... one it was my dad's 80 th bday ... well new years day is his birthday lol... anyways... i invited some ppl over and we had a nice small party for my dad... lou, mac, lisa, doug, jim, ellen, unkie, nathan, the kiddos were all here... it was fun .. i made a crock pot of chili which everyone apparently loved cuz it was gone lol... and hot dogs also... i also made my dad a cake and some sugar cookies.. it was a great day .. not only we were celebrating his birthday but the fact that he has beaten cancer three times and can celebrate this birthday... so after everyone left i ended up hanging out with my dad and uncle... i cooked dinner for my dad and about ten he decided to go home so he wouldnt have to be on the road when ppl are drunk driving... so we just sat around the house .. the kids had fallen asleep at five.. missed dinner lol... then they woke up separetly of course.. ava got up first and then about eight decided to go back to bed and then hunter got up at eleven and rang in the new year with us ... which i thought was great .. he was my first kiss of the new year .. and then my hubby and unkie... so that was our new years in a nutshell.. small and simple which was nice

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