Thursday, January 12, 2012


So ... so far i have done pretty good on some of my resolutions that i posted. The cleaning house one is going better then i had expected. Since i always every year get a calender from clay boyd i decided to use that one for bills and my dad got me another one which i am using as a chore chart. I used to try and do everything on one day but that didnt work out. So I decided this time I would do a chart and maybe it would actually work. So far it is going great. My house is very decent looking and I have also been able to start clearing out some things too with the house being kept up. The stopping smoking thing is fixing to come to a start. I have failed so far but due to some money tightness I have to quit. So I am praying that I can do this and be able to get thru the cravings. The cooking thing is going good. Tonite I made my dad's soup and actually spiced it up a lil ... I will post the recipe to this in a separate blog. Then last week I made a herb baked chicken and it turned out good also. Just need to tweak the recipe just a lil. I am planning on also making lemon chicken this week and a parmsian breaded chicken. Will let ya know how these two recipes work out. Well hope everyone is having a good week.

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