Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cancer sucks part 11

So it has been a bit since I have updated on my dad.... he is doing really good and has gotten back to swimming every day.. he is already back up to his normal workout routine which makes him very happy. He went and saw the surgeon on Jan 5th... he stated that there was nothing else to do but that he suggested radiation treatments to shrink the tumors (none cancerous now). So my dad also saw I believe the week before the oncologist who also suggested radiation to shrink the tumors since chemo only works on live tumors the best. So my dad meet with the radiational therapist and they are going to start treatments first week in feb... i believe he will do six weeks of treatments five days a week for about 20 mins... he went this week to get his tattoos of where they will be concentrating the treatment at. My dad's hair has also grown in very good. I think it is a lil darker then before. My dad has been a lil tired since getting off chemo.. but with the exercise it is making him feel almost back to his normal self. I would like everyone to pray for my friends family. She lost her grandmother at the beginning of the month to cancer. Will update when we have more news. And thank you again for all the prayers.

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