Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what a great day

Today was a pretty great day... we took off to decatur to meet with my sissy for her birthday.. she turned 30 and she is like an aunt to the kids and a mommy to ava since she babysat her when she was itty bitty. So we got to decatur about elevan and picked up jessie and went to the mall... first thing we did was get jessie a birthday crown. she has gotten one on every birthday. while we were at clair's i decided it was finally time to get ava's ears pierced. so we did that also. Ava did pretty good the worst part was holding her still and that was what she hated the most. She only cried for like 30 secs after it was done and then she acted like nothing happened. She looks so cute too with them. I will have to get a pic of her on here soon. After it was done she got a sucker and then the kiddos rode on the merry go round.. they had a blast. After that they threw some pennies into the water fountain and then we ate lunch at the mexican resterant. At that point we had meet up with Britney one of jessie's friends. She got them to sing happen birthday to her and put the sumbero on her head. It was pretty fun. After that me and the kiddos came home. Ava hasnt fussed at all about the piercings. We cleaned them twice so far and she only fussed a lil bit. I am hoping it will be pretty easy to keep them clean and she wont mess with them a whole lot. Well hope everyone is having a great week so far. ttyl =)

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