Monday, October 3, 2011

Cancer Sucks part 3

So here is the newest update on my father's cancer. So far he has had two sessions of chemo which have gone very good. He hasnt had any nasea at all and so far no bad side effects from the treatment. Also all of his blood counts have been in the normal range for a person that doesnt have cancer.. which i think is excellant news that his blood counts have remand in a good area. So he had a lung scan redone and we have found out that the tumors have shrunk by .2 . This is great news even though we would have liked it to have shrunk more. But this lets us know the cancer is not growing and it isnt spreading. So the new treatment plan is for my father to have chemo for a continuous six week with no break what so ever. With the first two sets of treatment he had a week and a half break in between. This time no break. He is also waiting on the radiologist to call. He has to have radiation also this time. The radiation schedule would be five days in a row so we are waiting for the call to know if this is going to be every week five days in a row or just a few times during the six weeks on a five day schedule. So confusing on that atm since we havent heard from them yet but we should hear something this week. The dr is hoping that with both the combination of chemo and radiation that the tumors will shrink faster. If they shrink small enough the dr is hoping that surgery can be done to remove the tumors. So here goes hoping and praying that with this plan the tumors will shrink even more and we can get this cancer taken care of. I just want to thank all my friends and family for all the prayers and support. It means alot to me and my dad. And all the prayers definitly have been working. Continue praying that the tumor will keep shrinking and soon this will just  be a distant memory.

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