Saturday, October 8, 2011

Painting with Hunter... Silly Pumpkins

Today Hunter went and painted silly pumpkins at Lucy's artsy place. He had so much fun last month that I made sure I signed him up again. We were the only kid there, so a big thankyou to Lucy still having the thrilling 3's .. luckily Hunter will be four by next month so if she doesnt do the 3's anymore he can show up on the wednesday night one for the 4,5,6 yr olds. Hunter was really excited all week about painting and the excitement didnt slow down today. He chose his colors and really did great expressing himself and doing the painting on his own. He chose the colors of orange, yellow, and green for his pumpkins. He also made the stem and leaf green. He chose to make the funny faces in blue which i think was really cute and brought out the picture. And he painted the background chocolate as he calls it with red circles that when we outlined everything looks like neat swirls. Here are some pics from his painting day. 

Hunter is also doing very excellant on staying in the lines for the most part. I almost thought he would have just painted everything one color but he actually did a great job for his age on really working on this picture.

He also loves using the blowdryer. He was just a shaking away at it. The next pic is blurry sry but it is the only one i have with the stage of just the pumpkin colors with the background added. He was currently shaking the blue paint bottle and his head LOL to mix up the paint.

And here is my lil man with the finished product. He was so proud and is already talking about how he wants to come back and paint another one. Looks like i may have a lil artist on my hands! I really hope there is more classes like this each month. I think it is a great thing to take ur kids to and to enjoy a day with your child also. I cant wait till ava is old enough to start doing things like this. But I do enjoy having this quality time with my son watching him paint a picture.

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