Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hunter, Sam, and Greta meet the animals

A couple of Saturdays ago Lele told us about this couple who had a lil farm i guess is what you would call it. Anyways Lele and Poppy had photograph the couples daughter for her senior session and told us that they had a baby lamb that lived indoors with them and also told us about the donkeys, mini horses, and pig that they also had. So one saturday afternoon Lele, KK, greta, sam, hunter, mawmaw and me (ava was at home already napping ) went to go see the animals. The kids had a blast feeding them apples and climbing on the hay bail in the barn. Also they found a tadpole in a bucket of water and proceeded to poke it with a stick LOL. Here are some pictures of them enjoying the lil farm.  
Hunter really was a pro at feeding the baby lamb a bottle. All the kiddos got to take turns. This lamb lives indoors?!! I dunno if I could have a lamb as an indoor pet but from what I was told it wears diapers hehehe.
It was a great day and we all had lots of fun spending time with the animals. I wish ava would have been able to go but I am afraid she would have ran away from the animals since she is so finicky with alot of things lol. 

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