Friday, October 7, 2011

Cancer sucks part 4

So here is update number 4 on this cancer sucks series. My father went back to the dr yesterday for his 2nd treatment on this 6 treatment cycle. After his treatment he got to meet with the radiologist on what to do about radiation. Well the radiologist said that sometimes doing radiation on ur lungs can damage the tissue making surgery harder. So now on oct 25th my father has to meet with a lung surgeon in birmingham on what his opinion of radiation is and if it needs to be done or not for surgery purposes. So since this treatment plan had the radiation part scheduled for the 4th week which would be next week we dont know at this time if the whole treatments for six weeks will continue or not. The dr may say ok we will  make this into a two part session again. Which me and my father both agree that we should stay with the six week treatment whether radiation happens or not so that maybe  the tumor will shrink faster. So this thursday when my father has treatment we should hear from the oncologist on what the plan is for the moment till my father speaks with the lung surgeon on the 25th. So I dunno if this is a setback or what. I am looking at it hopefully this is the way we should go and that they will just keep giving my father the chemo for six weeks instead of breaking it up if the surgeon says no radiation. So we are on the waiting game again... fun fun .. but at least we know the cancer is shrinking atm so I am happy with that.

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